How to let people hear who live in silence? New technologies for the service of the deaf

How to let people hear who live in silence? New technologies for the service of the deaf


Mastercard in cooperation with Dentsu Aegis Network Poland and Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy Foundation used innovative sound transmission technologies during this year's Pol'and'Rock Festival. Thanks to them, those who could not hear for the first time could experience a live concert like never before.

The original solution - Sound Touch Set - was based on several elements:
a backpack with built-in subwoofers, headphones with bone conduction and relays transmitting live music directly from the sound director. Thanks to this combination, deaf people could enjoy the festival, almost like other hearing participants. The solution created at Dentsu Maker Lab used vibrations transmitted to the participant's back and skull bones (as a system of sound resonators), providing a unique experience of receiving live music throughout the recipient's body. In the special zone of the Mastercard brand, which this year supported the Festival organized by the Foundation for the seventh time, 30 backpacks were available. In total, they were used by several dozen people.

Projects with the use of new technologies are close to us. This idea is special for us because of the invaluable nature of the project, which enables deaf people to take part in the great music event, which is the Pol'and'Rock Festival. The combination of the experience of Mastercard, Dentsu Aegis Network Poland and the Wieka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy foundation helped us to achieve our common goal - the possibility of real and real discovering the passion that is music, for every person and without any barriers.

Paweł Kotowski, Marketing Director at the polish branch of Mastercard Europe

Considering the nature of the festival and the goals that have been guiding the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy for years, we knew that Pol'and'Rock is our chance to do something good. Preparations for the project, long hours of testing and rehearsal, were more than rewarded at the moment when deaf festival participants used SoundTouch for the first time. Their emotions were indescribable. They came back to us every day, asked where and when we would appear again, and invited people with deafness to work more closely with us. It is absolutely priceless to be able to do something so good.

Milena Urbańska, Dentsu Aegis Network Poland, coordinator of work of the project team

We try to make our festival as colorful and open to everyone who shares our ideology of love and friendship. Pol'and'Rock is organized in a difficult terrain, which can be demanding for us as organizers, but it often causes difficulties for the participants as well. This is why we admire people with disabilities who decide to come to us and share their stories and cheerfulness. Special toilets, driveways to the most important places, translation of meetings into Polish sign language, as well as many workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts devoted to integration and better understanding with people with disabilities - every year we are able to offer something new, allowing us to participate even more actively in the event. This year, with the support of Mastercard and Dentsu Aegis Network Polska, we decided to enable people with disabilities to participate even more fully in the concerts.

Anna Jadwiga Orzech, involved in digital projects, Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy foundation

Video case (ENG)

Authors of SoundTouchSet:
Mastercard: Marta Borówka - digital marketing manager

Concept - Isobar Polska (Dentsu Aegis Network Poland): Katarzyna Smolińska, Paulina Weisgerber, Antoni Korzeniowski

Technologies - Posterscope Polska (Dentsu Aegis Network Poland): Michał Pęczalski, Rafał Zagórny, Marcin Dmochowski, Paweł Watus, Adam Jabłonka

Strategy and coordination - Carat Polska and Isobar Polska (Dentsu Aegis Network Poland): Milena Urbańska, Karolina Młynek, Adam Brzuszkiewicz


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